advantages and disadvantages of biomass energy

15 Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Biomass Energy

Energy is what drives every human and non-human process. The least of social activities like sleeping involves the consumption of, and the least of non-human methods like the lighting of an electric bulb requires energy. Simply put, there is nothing done in human existence without some sort of energy consumption. Energy exists in different forms, …

effects of tornadoes on the environment

12 Main Effects Of Tornadoes On The Environment

Rolling cars, flying rooftops, immense chaos, and uprooted trees triggered by it… Effects of tornadoes on the environment are devastating, from destroying properties, wildlife, plants, and at times taking people lives. Tornadoes cover fairly smaller areas when compared to other severe winter storms or hurricane, but its damage is normally more ruthless causing harm to …

how do earthquake affect human life

How Do Earthquakes Affect Human Life (7 Ways)

If you have watched an earthquake on the TV or probably experienced one, you would have seen its effects. Countless people die, survivors lose their homes and relatives, many suffer injuries, psychological trauma, economic damage, environmental damage, Ground shaking, buildings collapsing, cities destroying, water bodies flowing unnaturally; the effects of earthquakes are very devastating but …