Basic Theory For A Better Living

Basic Theory for a Better Living came from my own understanding life and not taken from any external sources.

How to live a happy life?

This is the most basic and interestingly the toughest question that everyone gets in one’s life journey. The answer is different for different people. Some people say earning money leads to “being happy” and some say doing passionate things makes happy.

However, if we look at each and everyone’s life, they have their own understanding of life and they have their own formulae to live a happy life. But In the process of attaining the happy life, we are doing a lot of simple things more complicated and complicated things even more complicated which results in a complicated life.

What is the Intention of writing this article?

The main intention of writing this article is to explore the new ways of understanding life and most importantly how to live a basic life. And how we extract happiness and success from it. There is no correct way of looking at life and living life.

However, there must be a way of life that everyone on earth has been following from the past hundreds of years. That way must be a basic way of everyone. In my opinion, to incorporate basic life, one has to follow Basic Theory.

I don’t know if I can call it a theory. Because there are a lot of things involved in making something into Theory. Wikihow explains it very well here. For convenience and understanding, let’s assume it as a theory in the developmental stage. Before you read further, you can know about me here.

What is Basic Theory?

The basic theory is all about the certain system of ideas and set of basic principles one has to follow to incorporate Basic Life.

In my opinion, Basic Theory is a Basic way of looking at something and doing an actionIt sees everything in the universe in the more basic way of what they are. What they became or what they want to become are not at all considered.

If anyone follows it in doing something, chances of success will be huge. It works always because it focusses more on what has to be done to basically do something/action. It also focusses more on important things leaving least important things aside.

Basic Theory of Life just evolved from my understanding of Life, this is not a definition from the famous dictionaries or any other Internet sources.

I am not saying this is the way to define or this is the best way to understand things, there are definitely many ways to understand life. But I find this is also a way.

How should you understand Basic Theory?

As I said earlier, this is not something written in some popular books. But everyone must have had an experience with it in real Life but not always.

If you follow Basic theory in every aspect of your life there is 90 percent chance that you will end what you want or what you want to become.

Let us see an example to understand how basic theory can be incorporated into life.

Example 1:  Selfie 


Say you want to take a selfie with Donald Trump. How do you take it? Is it not a difficult task? Actually yes it is. But don’t worry. It is not that hard if you follow Basic Theory.

Let me explain why. I did not ask selfie with President of US but with Donald Trump. You may ask me how President of US is different from Donald Trump, the answer YES, they are different.

The reason is president of US is the Mask worn by Person or Basic human being like us  i.e. Donald Trump. Now coming to understanding Basic Theory here. As I said earlier, Basic Theory sees everything in the universe( includes people ) as what they are and not what they became.

In this case, that presidency mask may not allow you to take a selfie with him as he is one of the busy persons all over the world. Once Trump leaves that mask you may likely get your selfie.

In my Basic theory, you should see a person as a person and not what they became. Then there will be a definite chance you can communicate with that person.

I can give you many things those can easily be done in a simple basic way.  Let me give you another example from our daily routine so as to explain you a different way of looking at a basic theory.

Example 2:  Food

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Here in this example, I would like to focus on the type of food we take for our hungriness. And how taking basic food playing role in people’s life.

We love food. Actually, we have to love food. Because that is the essential fuel for our body and it keeps us to be alive. People like different kinds of food depending on the localities they belong to and some people also like to eat foreign food.

In Basic theory, eating is the action. To do this basic action, one need not have to look for rich and tasty food. Something that is eatable and not harmful is very much enough.

This is the basic way most people in poverty countries live. Their stomachs don’t care about the type of food they take in and they only care about the food which can get them some energy to work for some more food for the next morning.

But we also need to remind ourselves that a basic normal rice dish can have fewer effects on body and health than oily fried rice with lots of ingredients.

Decades ago, there are not many dishes as we have today. Whatever the new dish we invent today is some of the other ways of improvement of basic food that was eaten by people 20 years ago.

In India, people use flour to make Roti. In many other countries, the same flour is covered with lots of Veg and Non-veg ingredients. People call it as Pizza.

Same goes for a burger too. A burger is nothing but a sandwich of two semi-spherical pieces of bread with veg or non-veg ingredients stuffed in between them. Bread is what we used to eat with nothing added to it years ago. On years passing by, Burger is evolved.

Having said all this, Ultimately What I want to convey is that, the more we complicate basic food adding lots of stuff to it, the more it complicates our health and life. Too many ingredients cause lots of health problems.

Whenever there is lack of sources to eat rich and tasty food one has to opt for basic food which makes one live at least.

This example is a completely different way of understanding compare to selfie with trump example. But ultimately, My intention was to explain how basic theory can fit into any real-life circumstances of life.

In general, basic theory’s approach is basic in nature. What makes an action completed in a basic way is what Basic Theory refers to. Let me give you another example of transportation which is completely different from the two examples I discussed already.

Example 3:  Transportation 


Transportation plays a vital role in any countries development. Each country imports and exports various goods to other countries.

And also each person in the world transports oneself from one place to another place. This is possible because of the transportation facilities we have today.

There are various ways one can transport oneself from one place to another place. In today’s world, we have bicycles, bikes, and cars. Anyone can use these facilities and travel.

But one thing we need to understand is that the moment we started taking technological transportation for granted for everything, we stopped walking. Legs are primary and basic transportation we have.

In olden days, where there is no availability of vehicles, one used to walk for distances. Walking is basic action and legs are a basic and primary source of nature transportation.

We are using bikes for smaller distances and interestingly people spend additional time in the name of jogging. It will happen if we use technological transportation extensively.

In my Basic Theory,  everyone must use basic way of transportation whenever possible, otherwise, there will be a big problem of distancing ourselves away from nature.

Not just in the case of walking for transporting, this is happening in various other cases also. As we have a lot of technological equipment like Washing Machines, people are not letting their body to undergo physical pain. To compensate that everyone is paying GYMs for physical fitness.

Following basic theory is nothing but following what you have primarily and basically.

Sandesh Naroju

Being a nature lover, I feel it is my responsibility to show the real environmental problems that we are facing in this world to the public. I talk about Environmental problems, Nature and Life.

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