why is the past important to the future?

Why Is The Past Important To The Future?

Past is not something that we need to experience and leave. There are multiple things we have to learn and make them stepping stones for the future. Let’s see why is the past important to the future.

Past generation

Just like how we ponder over the future of our next generation, our parent generation too thought of us having a good future. It is very important to know what they wanted us to have. The past may not be so beautiful to remind always, but it is worthy to thank our parent generation for their efforts.

Not just you and me, but everyone on the planet wants to have a good and comfortable life. The sophisticated life that we are living today is the result of many sacrifices in the past.

Today’s Freedom Is the Result of Struggles In The Past

There are countries which remind their freedom fighters for fighting for freedom. Like India was under the control of British for 200 years, many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi fought for the freedom. The freedom Indians experiencing today did not come from the mercy of British, Indians won it.

The past has many hurdles, that’s why we have a clear path. If our parent generation did not struggle in the past, just imagine where would we be today.

The past is important like how your son feels you important. You make clear paths for your son to walk easily and you lose to make your son win. We have to remind our past and your son remembers you.

Your Past exhibits You

Yes, we are not alone in this cosmic world and all of us have a past but they are different. No one will have the same past as you have.

You experienced your past, you made clear thoughts about today in the past. You are experiencing your result of the past. The past here is not the past religious people talk about but it is the past of this living life.

Our past may not define us but exhibits us in front of others. Police record details of prisoners for future references. Even today’s most famous computer Artificial Intelligence works on past events or experiences.

It is very hard to define a person on just seeing his past records but the past exhibits that person in front of people.

Mistakes Of The Past

Everyone will make mistakes, either mistake can be big or small. There will be the effect of them in the future. The more experienced you become in making mistakes and learning from the past, the better you become.

Sometimes past makes us think and take right decisions. Analysing what happened in the past and doing them in the right way is a very important aspect of life.

Mistakes are very precious and they have a value. One needs an open mind to admit mistakes and see them not occur in the future. There will be times our blunders end up giving us great victories.

No mistake is the end of the world. People have been making mistakes from the ages. Nothing wrong with them. Everyone has right to be wrong and do mistakes, it only matters at what cost you are doing those mistakes.

Differentiating right from wrong is one of the keys to achieving success in life. That happens when you have a past to ponder over.

Start Early To Have Early Past

What does “start early to have early past” actually mean? I say whatever we do in our lives as important, we need to do it as soon as possible. The early you commit mistakes, the more chances you experience success early. And also we have barrier called time in our life.

The average lifespan of a person today is 26280 days. When we start early we will have ups and downs and we will have an experienced past. That past is very important to the next coming days.

Whenever we procrastinate things to tomorrow. We will have less time to do next things in our life. So start early to have early past which is useful for the next coming days.

Regrets and Past

Many people never take life seriously, but still, we feel life is complicated. Then how would be the life if we take life seriously? We can’t even imagine it. We don’t think or do great things but still, life is complicated for us. What if we start thinking and start striving for something? That’s even more complicated, right?

But many stay at the former point. Many don’t have goals they just enjoy temporary fruitful life. Once they age to end of their lifespan. They start regretting not doing anything important.

Some people want their children to achieve their goals instead they doing it themselves.

Past is important because whatever we do today becomes past tomorrow. Whatever we do this second becomes past the next second. Having a good past makes people live the next days better.

Forget Past If Needed

why is the past important to the future

I understand that it is hard to forget something in our life. Definitely, there will be few unforgettable and bad moments in our life. We try not to remember them, but we still can’t come out of those marks. If we have that kind of bad memory, we need to remember one thing.

Though yesterday, today and tomorrow have the same mornings, there won’t be same endings. Every day is a new day. Life is fresh every day. And we have the opportunity to feel that freshness of every second in a day. Why not just feel it and forget the bad past?

Think what to do for the future. If we start imagining in the future, even time becomes the past. You will be ahead of time.

When you know what to do and what not do from the experiences of the past, you are good to go. But, If you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you’re getting.

It is our natural tendency to remember the past in the process to forget it. The more we try to restrict, the more we go into that direction. The more we try to forget, the more we remind. So just focus on important things and don’t think about the past.

Going Back To Past

I bet, every one of us must have thought of going back to the past and feel those beautiful situations again. I feel I want to go to my school life and have fun again. Most us have great and silly memories that stay in our mind as long as we are alive.

Some people want to fix a problem going back to future, thank God, we don’t have time machines right now. Otherwise, people would travel going back and forth throughout their entire life wanting to fix something.

Most us want time machines to see the future or fix the past. This is normal as we are humans and nothing wrong with it.

Past Makes Us Strong

After having completed 70 years of age or after reaching the end of life. Most people are stronger because of the terrible past they had. Past can be happier and also sad. Sad and horrible past makes us become stronger in life than before.

We must remind the story of a knife. The more knife is polished with the sharpening stone, the sharper it becomes. Struggling in the past is like sharpening the knife.

Shaping a stone to something is the perfect analogy where stone undergoes a lot of pain and the final result is beautiful sculpture. Life is much similar to the stone. The harder times we face, the better we ready for the future.

Many of us have terrible and horrible past. But we become stronger as we go on living in the present.

Silly Past Moments

why is the past important to the future

Many of us laugh at things we did in the past. We feel like “did we really do them?” Those are very beautiful. and those are really look back moments in one’s life.

Fun time with friends in school and college is great teenage experiences. We may not feel such experiences again in our life. And that is the important duration for a great career and achieving goals.

Some regret for not using that period usefully and some use it properly and live a happier life.

Forget Revenge

One of the things we do in our daily life is to constantly remind what others have done to us badly. And trying to take revenge on them. It is important for the enemies to experience what you have gone through, but it is also extremely important to think about the future and not carry the memories of what others have done to you.

Instead of showing anger to anger, hate to hate and bitterness to bitterness, try not to be like them and show positivity to have upper hand over them. Doing what others doing can only make problems more serious than they actually are. Have a kid mentality to learn and have an older mentality to forgive.

The best kind of revenge one can think of is living a successful life. The people who don’t like you will see your growth and lose without defeating them.

The Best Is Yet To come

If you are going through the tough period, remind yourself that this specific event today is merely a part of your life and not the whole life. And don’t let this small event disappoint you.

There are many things going to happen in the future and they are going to be good and sometimes bad. But these specific small events should not stop us from moving forward in life.

whenever you get hurt and feel sad, tell yourself that those are basic human emotions. They stay within us.

Becoming a Guide To Younger Ones

This is not something everyone likes to do, but this is also a great way of utilizing the experience for the sake of others. It is what I call it as becoming useful.

Not everyone wants to do this. But still, this is also one of the ways of contributing to the world.

Every parent becomes a guide to their children and runs the family. There are many examples I could give on why is the past is important to the future. Past and experience made parents a guide to show their children a proper path.

Best things in our life happen in the future, not in the past. Past is important and it is more important than we think.

Now you know “Why is the past important to the future”. Thank you.

Sandesh Naroju

Being a nature lover, I feel it is my responsibility to show the real environmental problems that we are facing in this world to the public. I talk about Environmental problems, Nature and Life.

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