what does nature give us

What Does Nature Give Us?

What does nature give us? You may ask me “Is it really a necessary question to ask? Don’t you know that nature has been giving us many things for billions of years?” Yes, we have been given a lot of things by nature. And it is the much-needed question to be asked in today’s scenarios of technological advancements. Maybe we can alter this question to “what does nature teach us?” instead of “what does nature give us? ” and ask ourselves the same. Nature has been teaching a lot to us for ages.

To improve or live a good life in nature, we definitely have to remind ourselves what we are given and how we are actually utilizing them.

There is no doubt that nature is the key to our life journey. We don’t know how our life’s existence started, but we can surely say that our life journey is moving on nature’s track. There is no doubt about it.

The intention of writing this article is to remind ourselves how nature’s efforts of giving us are misused and taken very casually.

Before we discuss how we are actually taking advantages of nature and giving it back nothing, let’s understand what nature gave us. After that, we will know what does nature give us in particular.

Addiction To Nature’s Products

what does nature give us

Every day we wake up and ask our mom for a cup of coffee and start our daily life so beautifully. Have you ever thought of having no such thing as coffee or coffee tree? What would happen if coffee production went down due to some catastrophic events? Coffee lovers yell like “Don’t say that”.

Let’s talk about coffee for few minutes, almost 80% of US population consumes coffee according to 2013 survey. And Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee. Here the point is not about the statistics or survey. The point is how addicted we are to nature’s products.

Tea is also in the same zone. Not only these, anything we eat and drink is definitely some of the other ways, they are from nature. Our best Food and our best place, everything and almost everything that we can possibly think are of nature.

Life Game Of Nature

There is also another important aspect of nature we definitely have to discuss, that is a creature depends on another creature. Eagles depend on snakes, snakes depend on frog and frogs depend on insects.

Every living thing on earth lives by suppressing or killing other living things whether they are non-vegetarian or vegetarian. The reason is very simple, for every breath we perform, there are many microorganisms die. And there is no difference between the life of microorganisms and life of human beings if we look life as a life.

Julia Rothman ( Author of book Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World) explains about nature and a life dependency on other living things in an easy and simple way in her book here in Amazon

Basic Needs By Nature

Nature has given whatever we require in this world to live. Like water, trees, air, land, and fire.

In the early stages of life, these are very important and basic needs that nature has generously given to us. As the time passing by, the needs of human beings have been changing and focussed more on temporary needs rather than real needs.

Real and fundamental needs like water, food, and shelter are essential to our living. But we started asking more from nature and here is where the actual problem started.

Wanting More From Nature

The problem of polluting the earth or nature started when the most intelligent animal on earth wanted more from nature rather than what nature has given to him.

Man needs more. This is not a simple statement that intends man wanting more but it has an in-depth analysis of polluting or destroying.

We as farmers plant seeds in the ground, we wait for seeds to grow and give food to us. We are very selfish that we repeat the same process several times in the same land, and land is not fertile anymore. But we still need more from that land, so we use chemicals and demand more.

This is not only happening in the case of agriculture but happens in all fields. We cut lots of trees for paper and burn plastic in nature. We need good from everybody and us least care about giving it back.

It is like we want everything, but we don’t give anything.

Now let’s talk about Water, we knew we can’t deny the fact that we are going to have drinking water scarcity in the future. Increase in population in certain areas making that city run out of drinking water.

There are already number countries taking the initiative to address issues of overpopulation. But we as humans have the equal responsibility as governments to overcome this pathetic situation by not wasting water. Our nature gave amount water to fulfil our needs, but we are wanting more and sadly wasting more.

Talk about air, it is a more pathetic situation than water. The situation of buying filtered and fresh air is not far anymore. Whenever we talk about air pollution the city that comes to our mind is India’s capital Delhi.

It is the very much air polluted city in India and in the world. You may misinterpret smoke and dust with fog in early mornings of Delhi city. Nature gave us fresh air to inhale and exhale, but we add a lot of things to it for our temporary requirements for which we eventually pay price.

Having done a lot of damage to nature, it may seem shameful to ask ourselves “what does nature give us ?” blindly. But it is worthy and important to ask it and at least we can self-realize what nature has been giving us for ages.

Technology vs Nature

In this world of brains, we are brainstorming a lot to figure out building everything similar to nature or more robust than what nature has given us.

The technological advancements trying to depict nature’s capabilities. But the fact is whatever we are trying to comfort ourselves have to be ultimately from nature.

Whatever we discover are from nature and whatever we invent are from the combinations of discoveries. Everything comes from the facts of nature.

What does nature give us

There will always be a thin line between an artificial thing and natural thing. Does not matter how effectively we build the artificial thing to make it natural, it can never be as perfect as the natural thing. The line between an artificial thing and natural thing cannot break, but the thickness of that thin line may decrease. The thickness may eventually come near to zero but not become a complete zero.

Basic Living From Nature

To eat we are given hands, to walk we are given legs etc. We are given everything for our basic needs. But we complicate things by not using them regularly. We work less and pay more to GYMs for fitness.

Nature gave us fruits for good health, but we make juices from it add more ingredients to it to make less worthy of it than what it was.

Same goes for vegetables, we complicate them by adding a lot of stuff to it for our temporary tastes and we lose real contents of them.

Basic Living is possible from nature’s things and nothing needs improvement. I have differentiated simple living, Minimalism and Basic Living in an Article. Make sure to read it for clear understanding.

Medicine From Nature

We usually hear a number of stories about our grandmother and their ancestors who used nature’s medicine for curing different diseases. Earlier there were no medicines for diseases, so they used materials from plants and their flowers to cure diseases.

what does nature give us

Whenever we talk about medicines from nature we must highlight the most used natural medicine for headaches is Ginger. Ginger tea for headaches is a proven remedy.

Nature Is An Inspiration

Apart from nature being a giver of tangible things, nature also plays a vital role in the life of many artists, photographers. Most of the photographers love to capture nature’s beauty. Nature actually inspires them to capture pictures. A painter inspires from nature and paints nature arts. There are some story/music directors in several film industries go to beautiful localities and start writing/tuning stories and music. Nature tells us how to be calm and cool.

The traditional drawing of the Sun rising in between the mountains is so famous in our world. If someone asks us to draw a nature’s picture, the first thing that comes to our mind a Sun rasing in between two mountains. And there are few birds flying across the mountains.

Spiritual Connection To Nature

It is not easy to connect with nature as many Indian Yogis do in the Himalayas for enlightenment. Those Yogis go to the Himalayas and make themselves a part of nature. And relax their minds. Their minds do not have any hate or anger or any ideas.

Their mind only focusses on breathe and nothing else. They keep themselves silence for years together to enlighten themselves. They also believe that Life Has No Purpose but just to live. There are also Buddhists who do meditation for years making themselves a part of nature. Nature doesn’t discriminate people based on gender and age.

Power Of Nature

Nature gives us everything and nature also have the power to destroy everything. Natural disasters are not everyday scenarios but when they are in action the loss is unimaginable.

Natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic processes cause loss of life and serious property damage. Nature has a great ability to wipe out mankind. An earthquake can have disastrous consequences and leave lasting damage, which can require years to repair.

Now you know “what does nature give us”. Let’s see the importance of saving nature.

Importance Of Saving Nature

Every one of us knows the importance of saving nature and very few acts to save nature. Saving nature is not a difficult thing to perform if we don’t pollute the air, if we don’t pollute water, if we don’t cut trees unnecessarily then we are actually saving nature.

If two people are fighting then there will be a third person who can settle the issue. If two countries are fighting, we have UN to settle the issue. But if the fight comes between mankind and nature then there will be no one who can settle the issue. We have no other choice but to defeat nature. The only way to defeat nature is to save nature.

Save Nature To Save Yourself.

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